The Midas touch: Hearthstone’s golden heroes coming with the next patch

Hearthstone's golden heroes

How are your fellow Hearthstone players to know if you’ve got countless victories under your belt? When you boast about all of your fallen foes, do your chums scoff? No more, says Blizzard. Because if there’s one tried and tested method of showcasing your talents; it’s with a spot of bling. 

With the next patch, when you reach 500 ranked wins with a particular hero, they’ll become gilded in gold. These golden heroes will have unique animations added to their portrait and hero power, and all the world will know that you beat up a lot of people in a card game. 

Don’t they look just lovely? And victorious, too.

You can track your heroes’ progress towards this prestigious reward by taking a look at the deck selection screen in Ranked Play mode. And then you can plan your conquests. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I might need to get some lessons from Nick, or resident Hearthstone master.

Wander over to the Hearthstone Facebook page to take a look at the different hero portraits individually, covered in precious metal.