Watch a new shoutcasted Hearthstone duel: Warrior vs Paladin


Blizzard’s mighty CCG is out now; read our Hearthstone review to see what we thought of it.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been in the spotlight since being announced at PAX East back in March. It’s goal is simple: make collective card games as easy to understand as they are fun to play. Blizzard have been teasing us with tidbits of the game over the last month; here we have another shoutcasted duel between a Warrior and a Paladin.

Here’s the action packed duel:

This is the first match where we get to see “secret cards” and how they work. Uther gets a fair few of them in this match, seemingly activating automatically whenever it’s prerequisites are met.

The match also demonstrates an abnormal tactic of doing damage to your own minions to empower them, allowing weaker cards to power up and deal considerable damage.

In a counterpart such as Magic the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers, you are unable to do this by default. Instead, you can only damage your enemies minions, unless you tick an option in the settings to allow you to target any card, friend or foe.

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