Win three rounds of Hearthstone and ride off into the sunset on the Hearthsteed

Get a World of Warcraft mount in Hearthstone

Hearthstone launched yesterday, but you probably already know that. To celebrate the launch of its free-to-play digital crack, Blizzard is offering an equally free gift to all players in the form of a shiny new flying mount for World of Warcraft.

The Hearthsteed and its astral wings can be yours very easily. All you need to do is earn the “Mount Up!” achievement in Hearthstone by winning three rounds, and it’s all yours. 

Once you’ve got the achievement, just log into World of Warcraft, and the mount will be in your mail. And since all mounts are account bound these days, it will be available for all your characters. Lovely.

Cheers, Shacknews.