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We basically just got a new Quake game, and you can play it right now

Mixing Quake, Doom, Half-Life, and the legends of the boomer shooter era, a gorgeous new Steam FPS game is available to play right now.

Wrath Aeon of Ruin Steam: A monster from Steam FPS game and boomer shooter Wrath Aeon of Ruin

What is the greatest FPS game of the ‘90s? Doom seems like the obvious answer, but it was Wolfenstein 3D that first popularized and formalized the genre. Then there’s Half-Life, which took the basics of shotguns and gib effects and added story and atmosphere, and Quake, the superlative technical showcase and multiplayer pioneer. Unreal deserves a mention. So does Duke Nukem. And Blood. And SiN. All told, this was the heyday for the PC FPS. So let’s say we take all the best components of what is commonly referred to now as the boomer shooter and mix them all together. Available right this minute, one new Steam FPS feels like an extra Quake sequel that we never got. But it’s also a loving homage to the entire ‘90s shooter canon.

This is Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, an FPS game inspired by the masterpieces of id Software, Valve, Monolith, and more. Simple, slick, and painstakingly modeled after the greatest era in shooter history, Wrath is published by the modern, reformed version of 3D Realms, previously of Cultic and Ripout fame.

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The classic FPS pedigree goes deeper than that, however. Andrew Hushult, the composer behind Dusk and Doom Eternal’s Ancient Gods DLC, provides the soundtrack, while the entire game is built on the engine that powered the original Quake. Blocky visuals, vibrant guts and gore, and rapid movement make for a true retro-style run-and-gunner.

There are 15 levels, three huge boss fights, a bunch of secrets to discover, and an arsenal to rival the loadouts of Gordon Freeman and Doomguy. Developed by KillPixel, a studio composed of longtime Quake modders, Wrath feels like an abandoned Quake sequel suddenly brought back to life. After years in early access, the full version is finally available on Steam. Just head here and try this superb homage to PC history for yourself.

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