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Wuthering Waves dev apologizes for rough launch, offers compensation

Wuthering Waves studio Kuro Games apologizes for the rocky launch beset with issues, outlining future changes and plenty of compensation.

Wuthering Waves apology compensation: a close up on an anime girl

Even with plenty of initial success, it’s not all been plain sailing for Wuthering Waves. A plethora of launch issues have plagued the gacha game, so now Kuro Games has apologized to players while outlining exactly what compensation we can expect; there’s a lot.

Wuthering Waves developer Kuro Games says it has been listening to the “valuable feedback and suggestions” players are giving for the anime game, before the team apologizes for the overall state of the launch.

“We apologize for the deficiencies and issues present in Wuthering Waves, our first fully independently developed and globally published game at Kuro Games. We understand that this has affected your gaming experience, and we are working to improve it for those who love the game.”

To remedy this, Kuro outlines exactly what it has planned for Wuthering Waves up to 1.0 and beyond, alongside the most pressing concerns the team is aware of.

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Kuro knows that many think the “current Echo leveling experience feels too grindy and the game lacks a Waveplates storage system,” with a few changes coming to improve the experience: a limited-time double yield Echo material event, 1.1 adjustments to the Shell Credit cost of Echo development, 1.1 removals of the Tacet Field reward cutscene, and an upcoming Waveplates storage system.

On Monday June 10 any players impacted by the wrong Shell Credit rewards from recycling developed Echoes – which Kuro failed to tell players about before taking excess Shell Credits away – will get extra compensation, to the tune of one million Shells.

“We apologize again for the hasty way we handled this issue and for any inappropriate wording in our announcements. We promise that all our future decisions shall reflect thorough consideration and professionalism,” Kuro writes.

More compensation is also on the way for anyone impacted by the 5-Star Weapon Verdant Summit mistranslation. If your localization had the error, you’ll get five Forging Tides on Monday June 3.

Wuthering Waves apology compensation

20 Crystal Solvents are also being given to all Rovers on the same day due to the “poor experience with the Echo system,” meaning you’ll have 1,200 Waveplates given to you for free.

Even the duration and rewards given for events are improving as well, as a new limited-time Wuthering Exploration event will now give 800 Astrides, a Morphable Elite Class Echo I and II, a Premium Tuner, and a Premium Sealed Tube – starting Thursday June 13.

Multiple control issues have also been addressed, as the combat camera correction feature is now off by default, and some bosses shouldn’t disengage in fights as much. You’ll find the full list of changes right here.

“Since Wuthering Wave’s official global launch, we have been disheartened by our inability to provide a high-quality gaming experience to all Rovers,” Kuro writes in closing. “We understand that continuously releasing better versions and content is our goal and mission, and we will always strive to uphold that.”

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