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A year on from it being "months away," where is Xbox mouse and keyboard support?

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Microsoft have been considering keyboard and mouse support for their Xbox consoles for a while now. Seen as part of their Play Anywhere programme, this possibility should interest us on PC, both because it encourages developers to make games with our preferred input in mind and because it could add many players to the pool for cross-platform games. At E3 today, we spoke to Microsoft's vice president of Xbox and Windows gaming, Mike Ybarra, about their progress.

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Here's what Ybarra told us:

“Still the plan is to bring keyboard and mouse to the console. When we think about that, we have to give a lot of developer choice, but also be very mindful, because in the competitive space if you go keyboard and mouse against a controller you naturally have an advantage with the precision of that input.

“So we want to give developers the option to support keyboard and mouse and if they do, the option to play with just mouse and keyboard people, with just controller people, or you don't care because you think you can compete with all of them at the same time. So that's something that's on the roadmap still. We're not announcing a date, but definitely something we wanna do.”

The closest we've ever had to a date was when Phil Spencer told us it was "months away" at E3 2016. It's now 12 months and counting.

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Belimawr avatarQDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
11 Months ago

Dark opinion for this website, but I'll throw it out there anyway: Should M&K support come to the Xbox One X, on it's release should you consider buying the console or the PC? The main argument for PC gaming is the controls and the value for money. Controls would be out of the picture, and these 4K consoles are the first time in the last 15 years where you can't buy a PC of similar specs/performance for the same price or less. Estimations for a PC capable of outperforming the PS4 Pro at the moment is at £800+. The XOneX is coming with a 4K BluRay player, something that will easily cost you £250+ on its own right now.

There are many arguments why console gaming may have just overtaken PC gaming's value, so I wouldn't be shocked if these consoles are actually bad for our market (decreasing growth rate of the PC market). I personally do not plan on stepping across (there are reasons why PC is still better; the game prices/sales, the component upgradability, all the non-gaming features you can use your PC for), but there's definitely food for thought here. I personally do not want to sit on PC gaming shouting 'Master Race' when both major console markets have more benefits of gaming on. It's worth evaluating from time to time.

Belimawr Avatar
11 Months ago

They only said it because they have struggled with the x1, if they wanted it they would have done it from the start.

Not that having support for it helps Sony has had full mouse and keyboard support since the PS2 just developers refuse to support it leading Sony to officially licence keyboard and mouse game pad replacement to go round the developers.

But then even the PS1 had a mouse.