Xbox Rewards Survey mentions playing PC games on Xbox One “enhanced with graphics and dashboards”


Well, this is an odd one. Xbox have sent out their most recent rewards survey, asking players to rate various announced upcoming features. They’re sent out semi-regularly as a marketing and PR tool to gauge the reaction of already-invested Xbox players. This time around it has an interesting tidbit in it – a mention of playing PC games on the Xbox One with extra graphics.

Are there any of these upcoming PC games you’d rather play on an Xbox One?

You can see the full thing on imgur, but here’s the relevant bit:

What could it meaaaaaan? Well, the mention of dashboards as well suggests to me that rather than a bump in actual graphical power – more polygons and pixels – it means overlays, integration and that sort of thing. However, it’s possible it’s also referencing those with weaker PCs (that’s me, hi) who would appreciate being able to play a current-gen graphics if their PC is still stuck on sub-1080p and low settings.

The survey itself asks how excited folks are for this sort of thing, but you’ll need to have an Xbox One to do it. So we’ll ask instead – would you be excited for this sort of thing?