XCOM 2 screenshot suggests sharing and saving characters will be a thing

XCOM 2 character sharing

2K Games’ XCOM sequel (or re-quel, or however you want to navigate the series’ labyrinthine lineage) might give you the ability to export soldiers for others to use, if this screenshot is anything to go by. And over on the XCOM subreddit, the consensus is that it very much is.

Marlena Ramirez’ shades are worthy of commotion in their own right, but it’s that ‘export character’ option at the bottom of the customisation screen, posted on the official XCOM Facebook page earlier, that’s causing the real stir.

What else could it mean? 2K Games and Firaxis have yet to confirm or deny a character saving/sharing feature, much less whether combat stats will be exportable in addition to cosmetic traits like those detailed in the screenshot.

With any luck though, we’ll all be downloading each other’s loose approximations of celebrities when the game ships this November. And you’ll need all the help you can get if you’re to take down the Chryssalid, a returning extra-terrestrial pain in the arse from the last game who popped up on higher difficulty levels to make you weep.