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Get acquainted with XCOM 2’s mobile base, the Avenger

XCOM 2 The Avenger

In XCOM 2, with the original XCOM base destroyed, you’ll be commanding the resistence from a new, mobile HQ: the Avenger. Don’t worry, though, it’s massive and it looks like Firaxis has made a lot of improvements and changes to XCOM’s strategy layer. 

Check out the 12 minute introduction to the Avenger below. 

Broadly, the Avenger serves the same purpose as the original base, but now that you’re in the resistance, some things have changed. The video shows off research, engineering, soldier customisation and a bunch of other things, but I’m most intrigued by the new way missions are doled out.

Instead of reacting to UFO abductions, you’re making contact with other resistance cells, building alliances and attempting to steal resources from the enemies. In the demo, making contact with a cell in Europe rewards XCOM with some new opportunities for the engineering team, and also reveals the location of some important resources in Cologne. Getting these resources is a ground mission.

It’s a pretty detailed video, so you should be able to get up to speed for XCOM 2’s launch in November.