Watch 27 minutes of XCOM 2’s early missions

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Our Jake’s had his mitts all over Firaxis’ boldly-reworked geoscape in his XCOM 2 hands-on – giving its alien-occupied world a good spin and getting stuck into the first couple of missions on procedurally-generated battlefields. Yes, there’s lots new and unknown here, but in nearly half an hour’s playtime our commander was able to push back much of the fog of war.

Here’s the game’s very first mission:

And, far longer, the second one he was let loose on:

Jake also managed to getBen Barrett, staff writer and – unbeknownst to us – fighter in the resistance against ADVENT, thoroughly killed. But if XCOM has taught us anything, it’s that sacrifices must be made in the acquisition of knowledge.

What do you make of what you’ve seen? Did Ben have it coming to him?