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XCOM 2 Collection has all DLC, War of the Chosen, and is 50% off

XCOM 2 Chosen

2K and Firaxis have announced the XCOM 2 Collection. Developers Firaxis tweeted last night to confirm the collection is available for download now.

Here’s what XCOM can learn from… err… Mario vs Rabbids.

The XCOM 2 Collection features the base version of XCOM 2, as well as four DLC packs; The Resistance Warrior Pack contain three of those packs, offering more than 100 new exotic customisation options for your entire XCOM arsenal. It also includes Shen’s Last Gift, which in itself contains a new story mission focused on infiltrating an abandoned ADVENT facility, as well as a new soldier class, the Spark.

Most importantly, however, the collection includes XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. The enormous expansion adds loads of new content, as well as the extremely powerful ‘Chosen’ enemies. War of the Chosen has a huge impact on gameplay, transforming entire sections of the game and significantly changing up strategies. You can check out our War of the Chosen review here.

The XCOM 2 collection is currently available on Steam for a huge 50%, pushing the price for what are, in many respects, two of the best strategy games (if not the best games) of the past few years, for just £39.99.