XCOM FPS trailers pulled from 2K Marin Youtube channel; website disappeared, too



I’m sure there must be a secret government term for what’s going on over at the XCOM FPS’ site right now, black bagging or somesuch. All I know is that, currently, the domain for the long in development shooter is 404-ing. That in itself shouldn’t be cause for a story, except that parts of the site are fine, only the FPS project is effected.

Then there’s the scrubbing of trailers from 2K’s Youtube channel.

It’s as though Take-Two are taking down all official, present references to the game. Maybe the next step is seeing little redacted boxes over any mention of the words XCOM FPS.

This could all be linked to a potential project which Supperannuation spotted back in March. The Bureau could be another XCOM spin-off in development, one which has superseded the original FPS project, hence the removal of the site. It could be the third person shooter we saw screens of not too long ago.

Until we learn more, watch the skies!

Cheers, Digital Trends.