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Ubisoft CoD rival XDefiant outlines MTX and pay-to-win approach

XDefiant, Assassin's Creed Shadows creator Ubisoft's answer to Call of Duty, has revealed its MTX approach ahead of this week's launch.

Ubisoft CoD rival XDefiant outlines MTX and pay-to-win approach: A soldier wearing a black balaclava and night vision goggles, from XDefiant.

It’s been a while since a major publisher decided to work on a game that competes with Call of Duty. Now, though, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, Star Wars Outlaws, and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown creator and publisher Ubisoft is about to put out its multiplayer FPS XDefiant this coming Tuesday, with a fast paced design ethos that resembles Call of Duty. Considering it’s also going to be a free to play game, we’ve been curious to see how it will approach monetization and, with the launch date quickly approaching, Ubisoft has provided details meant to answer just that question.

XDefiant is a free PC game, but, in a post from its official website, Ubisoft writes that “there are no pay-to-win mechanics.”

“Any gameplay impacting content that is purchasable is also unlockable through challenges to ensure fair play amongst our community,” the post reads. “For example, the DedSec faction in Preseason will be purchasable or unlockable through an in-game challenge by acquiring 700k XP.”

The post continues to explain that XDefiant’s team wants to “reward all of the matches, victories, and even defeats that you put into the game” through daily and weekly in-game challenges, ‘Ubisoft Connect Challenges,’ free Battle Pass rewards, weapon mastery progress, and community participation rewards “like Twitch Drops, giveaways, and in-game events.”

Player rewards will be focused on customization, providing character and weapon skins, player cards, emoji packs, and MVP player emotes. Character and weapon cosmetics, faction unlocks, player card backgrounds, emotes, emoji packs, and a premium Battle Pass will available at launch. The post also promises ongoing tweaks to the game’s rewards and MTX systems based on player feedback.

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XDefiant comes out this Tuesday May 21 on consoles and on PC through Ubisoft Connect. You can pre-load the game now by heading over here.

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