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Strip Connect Four gets a free marketing boost after Twitch bans xQc for streaming it

Pro-tip: don't put the uncensor code in during a stream

Steam has sex games now. That’s no secret, and nor is it a secret that Twitch that doesn’t allow games featuring explicit sexual content. These two things have been working against each other, as streamers trawl the depths of the Steam library for new memes and Twitch tries to avoid being a porn site, but it turns out Twitch’s bans might just be boosting the signal of Steam’s naughty stuff.

Currently, you’ll find a game called Strip 4: Classmate Study at the top of Steam’s ‘new and trending’ list. (Assuming your adult content filters are disabled, of course.) It’s basically strip Connect Four. This selection is always a bit vague, but generally includes popular new releases ranked by Steam user interest. Porn titles have been there in the past, but this seems to have topped the charts specifically because of former Overwatch pro Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

xQc played Strip 4 as part of a February 29 stream. He started with the game’s default, censored visuals, but at chat’s request input a cheat code which removes the modest mosaics. Sure enough, after a few wins, the breasts of a female character were fully on display as part of the stream. xQc’s Twitch ban became official slightly afterward.

The streamer appealed the ban, but Twitch upheld the suspension, and the resulting strike will remain on xQc’s account.

Since then, Strip 4 hit the top of Steam’s trending tab, and now mostly features joking reviews from players referencing xQc in one way or another.