Yabba dabba doo: Saints Row IV goes prehistoric

Saints Row IV gets Stone Age DLC

The diligent historians at Volition have used their time travel machines to research and develop a bunch of “100 percent accurate” costumes, weapons and vehicles representing the pinnacle of early man’s ingenuity for use in Saints Row IV. 

Drive around virtual Steelport in your wooden car while singing along to the radio, before jumping out and beating a bunch of aliens over the noggin with a giant club. Sabertooth tiger fur is machine washable, so don’t worry about getting blood all over you. 

The Stone Age pack comes with two weapons skins, a bone weapon and club; caveman outfits for both ladies and gents to saunter around in; and a car inspired by everyone’s favourite prehistorical family, the Flintstones. It’s £2.49 and you can download it on Steam right now.