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Nier: Automata’s executive producer wants Yoko Taro to make a Final Fantasy game

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Yoko Taro might work on a Final Fantasy game. In an interview with WOW Japan, Square Enix’s executive producer Yosuke Saito says he’d like to see if he could convince the eccentric director to work on the game.

Forget Final Fantasy, Yoko Taro wants to make an “adult movie.”

In the interview, in which both Saito and Taro feature, Taro was asked whether he focuses on “outcasts” when developing his characters. In his answer, he says that he builds his characters from the experiences of “friends who belong in minority groups.” He says “everybody is a little bit strange, so I take of the uniqueness and strangeness of all these individuals.” Referencing the strangeness of others is quite something coming from a man who wears the terrifying visage of one of his own characters on his face when in public, but we’ll leave that alone for now.

In response, Saito pipes up to say he’d like to see Yoko Taro work on a Final Fantasy game dealing with those same themes and characters. He says, “I’m actually rather interested to see if Yoko-san would be interested in working on a Final Fantasy title, featuring the similar strangeness.” Taro replies, saying, “I’m hoping for a big budget if I do work on it.”

That’s a deliberately vague answer, so don’t get too excited, but it’s also not a no, so maybe something could eventually come of it. Even if Yoko Taro does end up directing a Final Fantasy game, though, the inevitable madness it would result in won’t reach us for a while yet.