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“You are the one from my dreams - but sharper, somehow”: meet Skyblivion

In Skyblivion, the Imperial tower casts an even more imposing shadow.

Come, look at this. A large group of amateurs are still hard at work putting together Skywind – Morrowind in the Skyrim engine. But a small contingent has broken off from the main mod team to work on Skyblivion, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Development on Skyblivion began just over a year ago, and its team have now reached version 0.2. The current build isn’t yet playable, but looks the part.

The video covers the opening areas of the game’s tutorial, from the Imperial city prison to mudcrab central. The team also seem to have Ayleid ruins sorted, which means they’ve got about 40% of the game world covered already, lolol.

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People still moan about auto-scaling uglies, but the thing I’d most like to see improved in Oblivion is its draw distances. Nothing damaged its “go-anywhere” illusion more than seeing the blank slopes of a distant mountainside. How about you?

Cheers, Eurogamer.