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The Ogrim’s rotund, scaly form and jolly, physics-enabled gut may look like the unique result of Zenimax Online’s sanded-down-and-stylised take on the Elder Scrolls monster manual, but there’s actually a good chance you’ve met him before.

These reptilian ogres were first spotted in Morrowind, where their chief task was to prey on mortals for the amusement of Daedric princes, much like reality TV producers do in our realm. In the Zenimax video below, the Ogrim takes advantage of his half-minute in the spotlight to knock the stuffing out of a probable dovahkiin:

Read all about how Zenimax turned the Ogrim to TEScO's ends in a special feature here.

Did you know that 20 whole minutes of Elder Scrolls Online footage seeped online over the weekend? It’s all dodging, weaving, and blocking. And mudcrabs, obviously. See our Tim’s Elder Scrolls Online hands-on for more on its powerful synthesis of Skyrim and the MMOs of old.

So, that first-person perspective: is it a game-maker?

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