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This man can now afford a haircut.

On Wednesday, Introversion launched their latest game, Prison Architect, as an alpha, allowing their die hard fans to get access to the game and have a pivotal role in the development of the game. Since then, in just 36 or so short hours, they’ve sold over a thousand copies of the game, along with raising nearly $100,000 in the process.

Speaking to PC Games N at the Eurogamer Expo, Mark Morris told us that they’d have been happy with just a hundred buyers, but they’re thrilled by such a large number. Not only does it mean that they’re doing rather well out of a game that’s still only in the alpha phase, but they also now have a very large pool of testers to run things by.

They’ve already got plans on exactly how they want to handle that. Two ideas on the plate include allowing prisoners to try to dig their way to freedom, taking advantage of your own plumbing systems to escape. The other is prolonged riots, where inmates will barricade and isolate themselves in specific parts of the prison. You'll be forced to break down their defenses with riot guards before corralling the prisoners back into their cells.  

Neither systems are fully developed at the moment, or even able to be implemented. Introversion are playing with the idea of polling their newly bolstered testing userbase to see which avenue they’d prefer was explored first, and then focusing on that in the immediate future. It doesn’t mean that the losing feature will be dropped, merely put on the backburner while the testing favourite is prioritised.

Were you one of the thousand? Give Introversion a head start and let them know which feature you like the sound of down in the escape tunnels of the comments section.

And remember: the Prison Architect Alpha funding thing is still ongoing at the official Prison Architect site

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