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Shelter is Watership Down: The Game. That is to say: harrowing.

In Shelter, you play a badger. Hilarious! Brilliant, right? Wrong. As anybody with children less than a foot long and a warren in the English countryside knows, badgers have it really tough. It’s that world, where cruelty and necessity occupy nearly the same spot on the venn diagram, that’s explored in the game’s latest trailer.

Shelter has been built by a bunch of Stockholm-based Bionic Commando: Rearmed veterans: Might and Delight. It boasts a patchwork art style, muted palette and tense plucked bass soundtrack, courtesy of Retro Family. You’ll be privy to all of that and more below:

Here, the developers are showcasing the core activity of the game - the hunt for food to sustain your avatar and her cubs. The more you catch, the more your spawn will grow and move about. But as the trailer makes upsettingly clear, you’re not the only hunter in these woods.

Shelter will be released on PC and Mac by the end of the year, if all goes to plan. Should I colour you intrigued, or leave you the tone you are?

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Man, when that eagle -spoiler alert - got one of those Badger...lings (?), I jumped a little. This game could be heartbreaking... although I gotta admit, the art style lessens the impact some.


Didn't Might & Delight also do Pid? Btw, what a stupid name - if you google "Pid", you get a lot of results for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Why don't developers google the names they want to use before slapping 'em on their games?


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