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Free-to-play shooter/slasher Warframe has a new trailer showing off the difference between visual effects in computers boasting an Nvidia PhysX-enabled card and those lacking in that department. While admittedly nice it has already had a notable detrimental effect on the universe.

I warn you, before pressing play on the below video you should know that there are reports coming in from around the world of pretty sites becoming noticeably less pleasing to the eye. The correlation between Warframe’s view count and the severity of this debeautification is currently only speculation but we’d be fools to completely ignore the possiblity of a connection.

A telegram from Paris informs us that all of Monet’s work now appear to have been painted by a man who did not suffer from cataracts. Likewise, Van Gogh’s self-portrait now depicts the famous painter with two ears, and Frida Kahlo’s work no longer conveys a sense of lifelong struggle and depression. Truly, these are worrying times.

So, I implore you, before subjecting the world to the possibility of further prettiness diminishment, think before you click, and do not share this video with everyone. 

It does look very snazzy though.

You can sign up for Warframe's open beta over here.

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coldcorpse's picture

Looks very good but last time I was checking most players were disabling any fx that were distracting from the actual multiplayer gameplay.


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