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Oculus to host conference on the future of VR

The Rift visits Australia's EB Expo.

Oculus have still to get the Rift finished, but they’ll spare a handful of personnel on November 2 for a day of discussions, tech talks, sales pitches and hands-on demos with the latest generation headsets.

Oculus COO Laird Malamed, a former head of development at Activision, will lead a gaggle of VR developers in multiple sessions designed to “highlight” - not discover, we’re apparently beyond that - the future of virtual reality. Various entrepreneurs working with VR will show their wares, hardware-hackers will reveal their secrets, and “immediate employment opportunities” at Oculus will be available. Cor.

Attendance is free at the Microsoft NERD Centre*, with a suggested donation to a nearby Children’s Hospital - but you’ll need to be in Boston to take advantage of it. Several local developers will present their own experiences in implementing their games with the Rift dev kit. No obvious fits spring to mind, aside from maybe Dejobaan Games, whose AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! would make the V in VR stand for Vertigo. And the R for Reallybad.

Fingers crossed for an appearance from the fella who recast the Death Star trench run in VR.

Thanks, Polygon.

*New England Research & Development Centre. Arf arf.

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Excessum's picture

Is VR the new 3D? I guess we'll find out in the next couple of years. The biggest problem that i foresee is the vicious cycle of poor game dev support driving down sales of the Oculus, which in case provides less incentive for game devs to support the device.

I mean, sure, you can use it as a display+additional input device, yet for this device to be truly useful in gaming, you need to have a purpose-built interface/hud (see Hawken), otherwise it will die out as a fad soon enough.

Eldafo's picture

Can't wait to have a go on the rift xD


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