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After 4 years, the Project L beta sign ups are finally live

2XKO is the official name of Riot's long-awaited League of Legends fighting game, and the Project L beta sign ups are live right now.

After 4 years, the Project L beta sign ups are finally live: A woman with navy blue hair and cat ears wearing a red bodice reaches out to the camera on a neon green background

Project L. It feels like we’ve been waiting on Riot’s League of Legends fighting game for years, pouring over any new information that slipped through the cracks, hoping and praying that we’d catch a glimpse of what’s on the horizon. On February 22, 2024, Riot finally revealed the brawler’s official name, 2XKO, and now that everything’s out in the open, the Project L beta sign ups have just kicked off, too.

Now, I love an awful lot of games, but it’s safe to say that League of Legends and Mortal Kombat are two of my all-time favorites. While 2XKO – formerly Project L – doesn’t exactly sport the over the top blood, guts, and gore of NetherRealm’s OG fighting game, it does blend my favorite franchise with one of my favorite game genres, and that’s exciting enough for me.

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With the 2XKO release date set for summer of 2025, we’ll be waiting a while before we can get our hands on the finished product. The flipside of that is, however, that Riot has already opened sign ups to playtest it, and they’re available now.

You’ll have to answer a few questions – largely just your basic details, then some information on how often you game, what platform you use, and, if you choose PC, your PC specs.

There’s a section that asks your opinions on various different styles of fighting games (do you prefer the traditional Street Fighter vibes, or platformers like MultiVersus?), and then one that, curiously, asks you to rate your experience with various franchises, including the likes of Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Overwatch 2. To (sort of) quote Lux: what does it mean?!

A screenshot from the League of Legends fighting game, 2xko, playtest survey

It’s a pretty straightforward process, so if you, like me, are on a ranked losing streak but still want your fix of all things League of Legends, I’d suggest throwing your name into the ring.

Once you’ve done so, though, I imagine you’ll be diving straight back onto the Rift, so check out our LoL tier list to help ensure that you’re choosing the best champion for your lane. Or, if you’d like to learn a little more about the colorful cast of champions you’ll be piloting in 2XKO, we have a list of all of the currently known 2XKO characters.

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