3D Realms will announce a new Quake 1 engine shooter tomorrow

Relive the shooters of your youth

3D Realms isn’t quite the same studio which released Duke Nukem 3D back in the day, but the developers have found a solid new niche in nostalgia. Ion Maiden has been an early hit with players, and it looks like the company is taking the next logical step after putting out a new game on the Build engine – a new game based on the Quake engine.

The company promises a reveal for the new game on March 7 – tomorrow, as this article goes live. The tweet is accompanied by an ‘unannounced Quake 1 engine shooter’ hashtag, plus the tagline “you will not survive.” 1C Entertainment is also tagged in the tweet, so it’s safe to assume that company will be handling publishing duties for the game.

As ResetEra users have noted, the studio has been teasing this game via its official Discord for some time, and there’ve even been a few gifs showcasing tiny snippets of gameplay. That particular bit shows a player walking through a rune-lined portal, unarmed except for a serrated knife attached to one hand.

Ion Maiden technically comes courtesy of developer Voidpoint, but as a 3D Realms-published throwback it might give us a clue what to expect from the new game.

That game launched in Early Access, so we might see the same here – and potentially, that means we could be playing the new Quake engine game as soon as the announcement hits tomorrow.

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Titles like Dusk have proven there’s a demand for 90s-style shooters to go along with all the throwback 2D games we’ve had over the years. Games like Quake were classics for a reason, and if new games can capitalise on that design in interesting ways we’re in for some wonderful chances to relive the glory days.