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Snag this super speedy EVGA gaming mouse for under $20

Premium gaming PC clickers aren't cheap, but you can now grab a speedy EVGA gaming mouse on Amazon for under $20, thanks to a nifty 75% discount

EVGA X17 gaming mouse with blurred brand backdrop

Great gaming mouse deals aren’t hard to snag, but premium clickers can cost a pretty penny. Reliable rodents by Razer and Logitech often come with lofty price tags attached, but you can currently grab a ridiculously speedy EVGA alternative for under $20, and it doesn’t compromise on performance or functionality.

Over on Amazon US, the EVGA X17 is down from $79.99 to $19.99, thanks to a chonky 75% discount. Despite its price, this clicker is actually faster than some of the best gaming mouse options around, thanks to its 8K polling rate, 16K DPI, and a triple sensor setup. If you’re into the best FPS games on PC, this rodent could help you up your game, and you’ll still have funds spare to invest in a matching gaming keyboard.

Speedy sensors aside, the X17 comes equipped with ten remappable buttons, accompanied by five on-board profiles and a handy DPI switch. EVGA’s package also includes optional weights, meaning you can fine-tune the feel of the mouse to please your own palms.

EVGA X17 gaming mouse and box on white backdrop

The EVGA X17 has both substance and style, as its sleek aethetstic will fit right in with the best gaming desk setups. While it doesn’t go overboard with RGB lighting, LEDs illuminate its exhaust-shaped posterior, resembling something you’d find exploring the stars in a sci-fi flick.

If you sign up to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to get EVGA X17 delivered to your door using speedy next-day delivery. New subscribers can also grab a 30-day free trial, meaning you could bag the service without paying a penny. You’ll want to be quick, though, as this great gaming mouse deal likely won’t stick around for long.

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