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Italian folklore inspired soulslike gets Steam release date

Enotria The Last Song, the upcoming soulslike game set in sunny Italy by developer Jyamma Games, finally has a release date on Steam.

If you follow new game releases at all you’ll know that soulslike games have exploded in popularity in the last decade, leading game developers from across the globe to expand upon the core tenants of the challenging subgenre. Enotria The Last Song is the latest soulslike to implement new twists and features to the tried and true formula, as developer Jyamma Games sets the stage in sunny Tuscany where you’ll have to battle your way out of an unending play with a myriad of tools at your disposal, and puzzles to crack.

Enotria is Italian game developer Jyamma Games’ first crack at a soulslike title, fittingly set in their home turf of Italy. The RPG game‘s story places the player as the Maskless One fighting through the Canovaccio, an eternal play that can only reach its finale by defeating the authors who created it.

Throughout the game, the Maskless One explores a sun-soaked Italy, killing masked townsfolk and equipping their masks as your own, each with positive and negative effects.

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There are a handful of stylized changes that Enotria highlights to mark itself apart from its fellow soulslike titles. While many soulslike games feature dark and brooding environments, especially the original text of Demon’s Souls, Enotria features the bright Italian sunlight as a main feature of the game. Another notable departure are reality rifts which allow the Maskless One to alter reality by changing the environment, reveal secrets, and solve puzzles.

Enotria The Last Song releases on Steam on Friday June 21. You can head to the game’s Steam page to preorder the game, or bookmark it so you don’t forget.

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