A Way Out director Josef Fares is working on a new game

A Way Out

Josef Fares, the director of A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has announced he has started work on a new game.

Here’s what we thought of A Way Out – from both Vincent and Leo’s perspective.

The Hazelight founder revealed the news on Twitter, however he didn’t give any information about what we can expect from this upcoming title.

You may remember Fares from his outburst at last year’s Game Awards, where the director said A Way Out “doesn’t have anything to do with the EA shit going on,” and proceeded to say, “fuck the Oscars” several times while flipping the bird. However, this didn’t overshadow the game itself, which has an 80 metascore rating.

Typically Fares’ games have focused on brotherly bonds, so his next project could be in a similar vein.