The best V Rising abilities and how to get them

Here are the best V Rising abilities, their affinity, and which type they fall into, including bosses you need to defeat to get them

Two vampires showing off some impressive V Rising abilities

If you want the best V Rising abilities, you’re going to have to defeat some powerful bosses first, and there are some abilities worth hunting down first.

V Rising abilities are split into five affinities based on the type of damage they inflict: Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost. Blood abilities include lifesteal and healing spells, Unholy focuses on debuffs, Illusion uses magic for teleportation and trickery, Chaos abilities use Chaos Burn which deals damage over time, and Frost causes chill and freeze for crowd control. You can mix and match abilities between these groups to find what works best for you and your build.

There are also three distinct ability types: Basic, Travel, or Ultimate. Basic abilities cover ranged attacks and buffs, and you can equip two at a time. You also get one Travel ability for movement and extra damage, and one ultimate ability, which is usually an effective, deadly attack with a long cooldown. While you might want to go all in around a certain ability type, there are clear winners in each category.

Here are the best V Rising abilities in the game:

  • Sanguine Coil
  • Chaos Volley
  • Veil of Chaos
  • Arctic Leap
  • Summon Fallen Angel

Sanguine Coil

Type: Basic
Affinity: Blood
Ability: Launch a projectile that inflicts magic damage and lifesteal on an enemy. If used on an ally, it heals them for 100% of your spell power
How to get: From Meredith the Bright Arrow in the Iron Mine of Dunley Farmlands

Chaos Volley

Type: Basic
Affinity: Chaos
Ability: Launch two bolts in a sequence to deal magic damage and inflict burn
How to get: From Lidia the Chaos Archer in Farbane Woods

Veil of Chaos

Type: Travel
Affinity: Chaos
Ability: Dash in one direction and evade enemies, your next melee attack deals bonus damage
How to get: From Clive the Firestarter at the Bandit Sulfur Quarry

Arctic Leap

Type: Ultimate
Affinity: Frost
Ability: Leap into the air and strike a target, dealing magic damage, a frost nova erupts on impact and freezes enemies
How to get: From Terrorclaw the Ogre inside the Frozen Cave in the Hallowed Mountains

Summon Fallen Angel

Type: Ultimate
Affinity: Unholy
Ability: Summon a fallen angel to fight for you. Attacks made by the angel inflict amplify that increases damage taken
How to get: From Solarus the Immaculate in Silverlight Hills

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