Absolver will let you open schools and train students

Absolver multiplayer

Sloclap and Devolver Digital today revealed Absolver’s multiplayer features in a new video, and I confess I’m quite enamoured with some of them. Also announced was their post-launch plans, which include new modes and moves that players will be able to access for free. 

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Players – known as prospects in Absolver – will start off on their journey alone, wandering the plains of Adal, looking for scraps. There, they’ll find both AI foes and other players, the latter of which can be engaged in friendly fights and proper PvP. There are structured 1v1 challenges, too, which will evolve over time. The warrior’s path isn’t a solitary one, however, as prospects will be able to team up in groups of three to teach their enemies all about pain.

The co-op side of things is the most interesting aspect of Absolver. Prospects won’t just be able to team up, they’ll actually learn new moves from each other and gain experience that will allow them to improve their skills. The mentor system takes this one step further, introducing a student and master dynamic. Experienced players will be able to take prospects under their wing, giving them temporary access to moves they’ve yet to unlock. Mentors can even open up schools and take in multiple students.

Along with revealing the multiplayer features, Sloclap have announced their plans for post-launch updates. The first in many free content updates will introduce a 3v3 mode, ranked matches, and a spectator mode, all things that have been requested by beta testers. They’ll be introduced in a series of updates along with new moves and combat styles, which will also be free.

Absolver is due out on August 29.