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“Fully immersive” DnD game creator Adventure Roll gets an epic early access trailer

The Adventure Roll early access trailer shows just how players will be able to create their own virtual DnD 5e campaigns.

DnD 5e creator Adventure Roll combines a virtual tabletop in the style of a full RPG

A new early access release trailer for Adventure Roll has been released that showcases the Neverwinter Nights-like ability for players to craft their own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and run them as a virtual tabletop RPG – and it’s available to try now.

In these days of social distancing, it’s harder than ever to get a bunch of friends together to play board games. There are the wonderful likes of Tabletop Simulator for more traditional games, but what about something more intense and time-consuming like DnD?

The Adventure Roll team not only wants to provide a virtual tabletop simulator for DnD 5e campaigns but also to allow users to basically craft their own RPG. It’s on a smaller scale than something like Neverwinter Nights or Divinity: Original Sin 2 modding, but it seems a lot easier and more user-friendly to craft campaigns in Adventure Roll than those titles. It’s available to try now over on the website, with the latest version 0.5.2 dropping just a few days ago.

If you want to see what Adventure Roll is all about, there’s no better way than the new official early access trailer. It was crafted by Gage Allen, the creator of the wonderful ‘This is Battlefield‘ and ‘This is Forza‘ fan films, and it showcases just how much of a proper RPG feel the team is going for. Check it out below.

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