Fantastic fantasy city builder Against the Storm gets huge update

A huge, free Against the Storm update makes it a great time to try out or return to one of the coolest modern city builders on Steam, with nearly 100 changes.

Against the Storm update adds nearly 100 changes - A bearded figure in a blue wizard-like robe.

Against the Storm is already one of the coolest city builders on Steam, and now a huge, free update for the roguelike city builder makes it a great time to revisit its dark fantasy world, or try it out for the first time. With nearly 100 changes, many of which are inspired by top community suggestions, this Against the Storm update gives you plenty of reasons to log in.

The Against the Storm Logistics and Balance update might have somewhat of a dry name, but anyone who loves the best city building games probably knows just how important those things are to having a good time. Those of you already in the know can look forward to a revamp of haulers, new perks, additional forest mysteries, UI improvements, rebalancing for cornerstones and recipes, and even more besides.

If you’ve yet to check it out, Against the Storm is one of the most exciting and approachable modern strategy games around. With easy to understand systems that build into an intricate web of interactions, and a masterful user interface that manages to make even its more complicated concepts simple to follow, each city you build in Against the Storm will give you more great ideas for the next.

That interface gets even better in this update, from simple tweaks such as rewording for clarity to several new options to help you better manage your settlement. You can now set a lower limit for resources stored in your warehouses, preventing workers from draining your entire supply to produce goods and ensuring you’ll always have at least a small amount in stock. You can even toggle the limit on and off without changing your chosen value.

Against the Storm Logistics and Balance update - The new resource limit UI, allowing you to prevent over-use of materials.

Cornerstones, powerful upgrades that can grant you valuable rewards such as bonuses to production or extra payouts for completing certain objectives, have had their drop rates adjusted so that, for example, ones that are of greater benefit during the early game show up more frequently early on. Developer Eremite Games notes that you can still theoretically find them at any point, but they should be a little more consistently useful.

There are also four new cornerstones, three additional forest mysteries to uncover as you explore each map, two new perks, and two new upgrades for the Smoldering City. Many of these are tied into the reworked hauling system, which assigns the transport experts to your warehouses, removing the independent hauling stations to make the feature more convenient.

For the full list of 98 changes, which also denotes when additions and tweaks have come directly from community inspiration, you can check out the full update blog from Eremite Games via Steam.

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