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Age of Empires 2 DLC The Mountain Royals adds two new civs

New Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition DLC The Mountain Royals is out now, adding two civilizations, three campaigns, and a Persia revamp.

Age of Empires 2 DE The Mountain Royals - A bearded king with long hair wearing a crown.

One of the most storied strategy games on PC gets a big update as new Age of Empires 2 DLC The Mountain Royals releases on Steam. The latest expansion to AoE 2 Definitive Edition, this pack includes two new civilizations – the Armenians and Georgians – along with three fully voiced campaigns and an update to Persia. If you’re a fan of the classic historical RTS, it’s time to jump back in and make history once more.

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition DLC The Mountain Royals is the latest add-on pack for one of the best strategy games on Steam. The 2019 remaster of the 1999 classic continues to hold strong at a ‘very positive’ 94% rating on Steam with well over 100,000 user reviews, affirming its place in PC gaming canon.

With The Mountain Royals, you’ll get access to two civs, Armenia and Georgia. The Armenians get access to composite bowmen, who can use their powerful weapons to pierce even the sturdiest armor and warrior priests, a combat-ready infantry unit capable of healing allies. The Georgians, meanwhile, have access to a special cavalry unit the Monaspa, which gets stronger when in bigger groups, making it a great pick for us players who like to amass huge forces and push into enemy territory.

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Along with this, there are three new, fully voiced campaigns included in the package. Tamar’s Ascension follows the story of Georgia’s first queen, brought to the throne of her great-grandfather at a young age. Thoros the Great follows the eponymous prince to liberate his Armenian homeland, tackling Byzantine and Seljuk Turk foes as he goes.

Finally, a campaign for the revamped Persian civilization sees prodigious orphan Ismail leading the mysterious Safavid Order through the war-torn land. It’s certainly a great reason to return, if you’ve had a hankering for some classic AoE 2 DE battles. I’m eyeing up my mass Monaspa strategy already.

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition: The Mountain Royals is out now on Steam. You’ll need the base game to play it, and expect to pay $14.99 / £12.49 for the DLC. If you’re ready to dive in, you can get it here. You can also get it via the Xbox store with a 10% discount if you’re a PC Game Pass subscriber, where you’ll already have access to the base game as part of your membership.

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