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Age of Empires 3: DE’s Mexico DLC adds the “most strategically diverse civilization yet”

Mexico comes to Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition on December 1

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition launched a year ago this month, and there’s been plenty to sink your teeth into since then, including – most recently – a big anniversary-themed bash with new maps, “tons” of Inca updates, and more. Now, Forgotten Empires and Tantalus Media have announced that there’s a new DLC coming up very soon for the remastered strategy game – and it’ll bring “the most strategically diverse civilization yet”.

The AoE III: DE Mexico DLC brings – yep, you guessed it – the civilization of Mexico to the game when it launches on December 1. “In Age III: DE, the burgeoning Mexican States can choose to revolt instead of advancing to the Fortress, Industrial, or Imperial Ages,” the devs reveal. “Each revolt offers you a whole new deck full of opportunities.”

Unlike the game’s other civs, Mexico can reverse these revolts and then return to Mexico, all while still “retaining access to the benefits of any cards sent during the revolution”. There’ll be a brand-new set of Federal States which you can use to “evolve your gameplay”, and the devs say that the Mexico civ can “adapt to any strategic situation like no other” – so it sounds like the DLC will throw something pretty new and innovative into the mix.

The pack will also add new historical battles to the game. There’ll be a new scenario unique to the DLC called ‘Grito de Dolores’ which hinges on revolution, while owners of the existing United States DLC will get another called ‘The Burning of USS Philadelphia’ for free, even if they don’t own the new Mexico pack. For those who do own both, there’ll be a third historical battle on offer, ‘The Battle of Queenston Heights’.

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If you don’t own either yet but are thinking of picking them up, there’ll be a new US and Mexico bundle that lets you grab both packs for a lower, combined price. So, you’ll get both civs plus the three historical battles outlined above, with the US civ being playable right away, and Mexico on December 1 when the DLC’s out.

To mark the debut of the new civilization, there’ll be an in-game event kicking off on launch day which celebrates all 31 of Mexico’s states. “Players can participate in 31 in-game challenges to earn unique profile icons,” the post explains, and those who complete all of those challenges will unlock some “unique skins for in-game explorers”.

If you’re keen to grab the Mexico DLC for AoE III: DE, you can pre-order it on Steam at that link.