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New strategy game is top of the Steam charts after just one week

Defeating Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Call of Duty, and even Valve’s own Steam Deck, new strategy game Age of Wonders 4 is already Steam’s best seller.

New strategy game is top of the Steam chart after just one week: A fantasy warrior in blue robes from Steam strategy game Age of Wonders 4

The Steam chart has been topped by a new strategy game, which has already defeated Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and Valve’s Steam Deck to become a bestseller just one week after launch. Combining the style of Civilisation, 4X gameplay, and, erm, cat people, as we head into mid-May, Age of Wonders 4 is sitting atop the Steam sale chart, as developer Triumph outlines precisely how many units have been moved.

In our own Age of Wonders 4 review, we rated Triumph’s sequel as one of the best 4X games in recent years. The exploration, combat, and diplomacy systems are all first-class, alongside the improved faction and customisation mechanics.

In a period that’s seen both the launch of Star Wars Jedi Survivor and a new season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Age of Wonders 4 has managed to top the Steam best-seller chart for paid games. And even when you include free-to-play, it’s still a stunning second, beaten only by Valve FPS monolith CSGO.

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Released on May 2, across all platforms Age of Wonders 4 has already sold 250,000 copies. “There’s always a delicate balancing act involved in designing a sequel, especially for a long-running series with so many dedicated fans,” Triumph co-founder and AoW 4 director Lennart Sas says. “It’s incredible to see what the reception has been from both series veterans and brand-new players.

“We’re all loving the custom factions our fans are sharing, the clever strategies and guides that are popping up, and the wonderful, kind words we’ve seen in reviews and social media. All of us at Triumph are going to keep supporting Age of Wonders 4 with more content and updates, and we hope you’re ready for it!”

The first expansion for Age of Wonders 4, Dragon Dawn, is scheduled to release in summer 2023. In the meantime, you might want to check out some of the other best grand-strategy games, or maybe the best RTS games on PC.