Watch 27 minutes of Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords and meet the Tigrans

Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords video

Cat people? Pyramids? Gosh, Age of Wonders III’s upcoming expansion is starting to remind me of ThunderCats.

Eternal Lords, the second and rather massive expansion for the 4X fantasy game introduces two new races, including the Tigrans, who look spiffy. Triumph Studios has made these kitties the subject of a long Let’s Play, which also introduces the new goody-goody specialisation and the Unifier victory path. Direct your eyes below. 

Eternal Lords chucks in another race, the Frostlings, massive cosmic disasters, a new campaign, necromancers and a bunch of new mechanics, which is a lot of stuff waiting to draw me back in.

I reviewed the core game last year, and thought it was great – though the empire management paled in comparison to the tactical combat – so I’ll have to make time to dive back in. The expansion is due out on April 14th.