This city-building game is like Frostpunk, but in the sky

If you love city-building games, then Airborne Empire will take you to new heights as it channels features from gems like Frostpunk and Cities Skylines.

A Steampunk city built in the sky upon a large floating island

Airborne Empire is The Wandering Band’s upcoming sequel to its first hit city-building game, Airborne Kingdom. The new entry aims to help you build, grow, and manage a unique Steampunk-esque city, all while floating up in the vast open sky. Airborne Empire is bringing new features, from rich characters to mysterious technologies ready for your discovery. While you will spend your time high up in the sky, you can also expect to encounter diverse biomes… and threats.

Published by the studio that brought us The Wandering Village, another cozy management game, Airborne Empire is all about blending challenge with creativity. The game features pirates attempting to upend the sky-high city’s tranquility, prompting you to defend the inhabitants by any means possible. You will be in charge of caring for and defending your floating empire by destroying enemy strongholds and making use of new mechanics. Ultimately, your goal is to reunite the people in Airborne Empire’s world, whether they be down on land or air.

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You can access all sorts of tools, from cannons and planes to defense towers, upgrading them as you progress. Exploration is also key in Airborne Empire, as the game offers a variety of biomes to explore for “exotic wonders” and “hidden treasures.” If you want a break from the main objectives, you can also branch out to meet charming characters with sets of side-quests. While there is no specific date just yet, Airborne Empire is set to release in 2024. Wishlist the game on Steam here for more updates.

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