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This gorgeous new Metroidvania game hits the spot as we await Silksong

As we await Hollow Knight Silksong, another beautiful Metroidvania sets its release date, and new Steam game Airhead has big Inside vibes.

Airhead is a new Steam game with Metroidvania puzzle-based exploration - A head-shaped figure with bright eyes is dropped into a machine by a large claw.

Hollow Knight Silksong might arrive this year, but the most anticipated Metroidvania on PC still remains somewhat of an unknown. Fortunately, in the wake of the successful Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, another gorgeous puzzle-platformer Metroidvania sets its Steam release date and Airhead is looking like an absolutely gorgeous adventure with shades of the unsettling Inside and even Psychonauts 2.

In Airhead, you control a strange Body that comes to the rescue of a Head in trouble. The typically well-inflated Head has been damaged by a machine, and is gradually deflating over time. Taking it (quite literally) upon your own shoulders in an attempt to save it, you’ll have to use air tanks spread throughout the gorgeous world of this puzzle platform game to keep this newfound Head inflated as you explore.

Airhead’s exploration is much more puzzle-led than the likes of Hollow Knight, so if Team Cherry’s intense combat sequences put you off, this might be just the ticket. There are new abilities to unlock as you progress, opening up new areas or ways to solve puzzles. Along with maintaining Head’s inflation and using it to traverse the moody environments, you’ll also have to deal with other figures eager to claim it for themselves – having a Head of your own isn’t a standard in this strange world, after all.

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As you dig deeper into the machine that attacked Head and the mysterious world you both live in, you’ll encounter all manner of other creatures who might help or hinder you on your journey. But the more you uncover, the more you’ll have to consider the potential consequences of your choice to help out your new friend. I’m certainly eager to try Airhead out for myself, and the good news is we won’t be waiting much longer.

Airhead launches Monday February 12, 2024 via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG. It’s priced at $19.99/£17.49. If you’re as curious about the mysteries of this world as I am, or are simply entranced by its beautiful visuals, you can wishlist it on Steam now to stay up to date.

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