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Alan Wake 2 crossbow location and unlock code

If you want a weapon with retrievable ammo, you need the Alan Wake 2 crossbow location and unlock code to open the locked box with the gun inside.

Looking for the Alan Wake 2 crossbow location? One of the worst feelings you can experience in a horror game is when you run out of bullets in a dangerous situation. Thankfully, this is where the crossbow can be a lifesaver.

Unlike the Alan Wake 2 shotgun location which could be found early on in the story, the crossbow can be easily missed if you aren’t paying enough attention. You’re going to want to grab the crossbow in Alan Wake 2 right away, and you can get more out of this gun by picking up the best weapon upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at where you can find the Alan Wake 2 crossbow and how you can add it to your arsenal.

Alan Wake 2 crossbow location

The Alan Wake 2 crossbow is located in Watery, but you need to make your way to Coffee World first. Once you deal with the two ranged enemies blocking your path to Coffee World, stop by the nearby save point to rest up. Head outside to find a cult stash and pay close attention to the environment, it’s clear that someone has been shooting at the targets using crossbow bolts. Read the note on top of the locked stash to learn that there’s a crossbow inside, but you need to find the unlock code first.

The unlock code to access the Alan Wake 2 crossbow is 527.

Keep in mind that the stash code is only three numbers long. Look at the numbered targets with crossbow bolts sticking out of them, simply count the number of bolts inside each target. There’s one bolt in the fifth target, two bolts in the second target, and three bolts in the seventh target: 5-2-7.

Grab the bolts from the aforementioned targets and you’ll find yourself properly armed. It’s important to note that when you kill an enemy, the bolts you’ve fired at them remain in their corpses, so you can get them back when the job is done. You’re going to want to pick up any bits of crossbow ammo as it doesn’t appear to be common.

That’s all you need to get the Alan Wake 2 crossbow. Now that you’ve got your hands on Saga’s crossbow, you’ll be an even more potent threat to the Taken that come your way. It’s important to be as prepared as you can be, so make sure to check out our best Words of Power upgrade guide to help out Alan. You can read our Alan Wake 2 review to see just what horrors are in store for you.