Alan Wake 2 shotgun code and location

You’re going to want a little extra firepower in Alan Wake 2, so read on to find the shotgun location and the unlock code you need to get it.

What is the Alan Wake 2 shotgun code? There’s one certified way to make horror games like this one a lot less intimidating: find a powerful weapon early on. Fortunately, the shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is very hard to miss and you’ll come across it near the beginning, but it isn’t quite as simple as just grabbing it and walking out.

Since this is a survival horror game, you’ll want to find Saga’s shotgun early on in Alan Wake 2 to make your life easier. You’re going to have to wait a while until you find the Alan Wake 2 crossbow location, though if you are stuck with the shotgun, it happens to have some of the best weapon upgrades available. Here’s what you need to find the Alan Wake 2 shotgun location and unlock code.

Alan Wake 2 shotgun location

Early in the game, you’ll venture to the Cauldron Lake general store as part of the main plot. Be careful as you explore the store as there’s an enemy lurking inside. Make your way through the shop until you spot the shotgun locked up behind a glass case. You’re going to need a three-digit code to take the shotgun out of the case, fortunately, you can find a hint for the code on the case itself.

The Alan Wake 2 shotgun code is 739.

The marker on the glass cabinet mentions the register, so head back to the entrance of the store right away. You’ll see an open cash register and a note with codes written on it. While none of these codes work, they offer an important hint as to what the real code is. There’s a lottery ticket to the right of the code sheet and you’ll want to pay careful attention to the numbers on it. These numbers correspond directly to the codes on the page, as whoever wrote them was getting the numbers directly from the lottery ticket.

Take a closer look at the numbers written down and it should be clear that 39 is the set that hasn’t been used, so head back to the locked-up shotgun and input 739 on the lock. Once you do, you can open it and take the shotgun for yourself. Saga’s shotgun is double-barreled so you need to reload it after every two shots. Just be cautious about the heavy kickback, but this shotgun should be indispensable when it comes to surviving the dangers ahead.

That’s all you need to do to find Saga’s shotgun in Alan Wake 2, so enjoy your new weapon. Make sure to check out our Alan Wake 2 review for our take on the horror game. We also have a guide on the best Words of Power upgrades for Alan. Things are getting dangerous and dark out there, so make sure you go in prepared.