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Intel driver update brings support for Alan Wake 2

The new Intel beta driver also brings Game On Driver support to Arc graphics for Cities Skylines 2, WRC, and Ghostrunner 2.

An image of the Intel Arc A-Series logo within the world of Alan Wake 2.

Developer, Remedy, made the system requirements for Alan Wake 2 public, with no mention of support for Intel graphics cards, due to the game’s reliance on mesh shaders. Yet, Intel and its newly released beta driver has arrived, to help bring support to Team Blue hardware, and ensure you don’t have a horrifying experience playing Alan Wake 2, along with bringing support to other upcoming games.

Intel is better known for producing some of the best gaming CPUs, but that doesn’t stop the tech giant from ensuring its graphics cards are up-to-date, and prepared to help improve the performance of the latest in PC games. The brand-new driver update provides support for games like Alan Wake 2, Cities Skylines 2 and Ghostrunner 2, for its Intel Arc A-Series and Intel Iris Xe graphics cards, along with noting known issues that may be effecting some games.

Gaming Highlights

Intel Game On Driver support on Intel Arc A-Series Graphics for:

  • Alan Wake 2
  • Cities: Skylines 2
  • ERC
  • Ghostrunner 2

Game performance improvements versus Intel software driver for:

Alan Wake 2 (DX12)

  • Up to 20% average FPS uplift at 1080p with High settings
  • Up to 22% average FPS uplift at 1440p with Medium settings

Cities: Skylines 2 (DX11)

  • Up to 34% average FPs uplift at 1080p with High setting
  • Up to 26% average FPS uplift at 1440p with Medium settings

Intel recommends launching Ghostrunner 2 using DirectX 12, for a better gaming experience, if you’re sporting an Intel Arc GPU as part of your current rig, as it’s noted that the DX11 version may “experience sporadic application crash” during gameplay.

The Intel Graphics Driver for Intel Arc A-Series and Intel Iris Xe Graphics is available to download from the Intel website, with a full list of all additions to the beta driver update available within the provided release notes.

Check out the Alan Wake 2 system requirements if you want to make sure your PC gaming setup is equipped to take on the long awaited horror sequel. If you’re more interested in the latest Intel offerings, the Intel 14th gen release date is closer than ever before, and we have everything you need to know about the Intel Raptor Lake Refresh.