Alan Wake himself shows up in this Control Easter egg

The 2010 cult favorite gets a nod in Remedy's latest

Remedy Entertainment’s Control contains some Easter eggs that tie the game to another of the studio’s supernatural adventures, 2010’s Alan Wake.

Exploring the Federal Bureau of Control reveals a number of transcripts and other pieces of information about the mysteries of the Bureau has cataloged over the years. Among them, as described by VG247, are two pages, one a transcript from Alan Wake himself, and the other a description of the mental state Alice Wake, his wife, was found in. A brief hologram video message of Alan can be viewed, as well.

There was speculation that Control might somehow tie-in to Alan Wake, given the similar approach to the paranormal. The events of the Wake couple in Bright Falls are very much in line with the Altered World Events the investigators of the FBC deal with, and having an entire archive of them to fill out was a perfect opportunity to give a nod to the cult favorite game.

We haven’t heard much about Alan Wake since the spinoff DLC Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in 2012. Remedy has been keeping itself busy in the meantime working on 2015’s Quantum Break and now Control. It’s nice to see them acknowledge what has become a genuine cult classic.

All going well, should sales match Control’s strong critical reception, it might not be the last time we hear from Bright Falls, either.