Alan Wake Remastered is official, and it’s headed to the Epic Games Store in fall

The full remaster drops sometime in the next couple months

Logo for the new Alan Wake Remastered

Well, the rumours are true. Remedy Entertainment has officially revealed Alan Wake Remastered, and it’ll be a full remaster of the 2010 action-adventure game. The title will be published by Fortnite studio Epic Games, and – as you’d expect – will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC when it launches it seems, though it’ll also be heading to both current and previous-gen consoles, too.

Alan Wake Remastered includes the full batch of content from the decade-old game, including the base game and its two expansions – The Signal and The Writer. You’ll find shiny new rendered 4K visuals with the re-release, alongside some commentary from the game’s creative director Sam Lake. There’s no set release date just yet, but it’s due to drop sometime this autumn – so, with it already being September, we should see it arrive in the next couple of months.

Lake has unveiled the information via an open letter on long-running Alan Wake and Remedy fan site The Sudden Stop, which you can check out right here, with the studio wanting to shine a light on this key corner of its passionate fanbase.

In case you’re new to the series, Alan Wake is a cinematic-style action-adventure thriller that sees the game’s eponymous, and troubled, author trying to track down his missing wife, Alice, who has vanished from their home in the Pacific Northwest. He has to confront supernatural horrors coming to life from a book he doesn’t remember writing along the way, and try to hang on to his sanity as he searches for his partner.

The game was well received when it launched, with scores of 83% on both PC and Xbox 360 on aggregate reviews site Metacritic (this marks the first time it’ll be available on PlayStation platforms). If you want to see what else to add to your wishlist of upcoming PC games, hit that link.