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Alien Day Steam sale drops prices on some real highs and lows

As we near Alien Day, celebrate some of the best and worst games in the iconic space horror series, with cheap deals on Alien Isolation and Fireteam Elite.

Alien Day Steam sale - Ellen Ripley in Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation is an incredible example of how to perfectly capture the vibe of a beloved movie series and transform it into one of the best horror games in years. As Alien Day 2023 approaches, a celebratory Steam sale offers a big discount on Alien Isolation, along with similar deals on other hits, as well as some less-successful takes on the beloved space horror franchise.

We called Alien Isolation “easily the best Alien game” in our review, and that statement still holds true. It’s more than that, though; it’s one of the most tense, atmospheric experiences you’ll find on PC, period. If you haven’t experienced the sheer terror of shivering in a locker while the Xenomorph prowls mere feet from your face, do yourself a favour and nab it while it’s a massive 80% off ($7.99 / £6.99).

If that all sounds a bit too scary, don’t worry – Aliens Fireteam Elite puts an entirely different spin on things, instead taking its cues from the second movie and pitting you alongside two pals (or AI companions) in a high-octane, class-based co-op game filled with objective-based missions and tons of guns.

Blasting through hordes of Xenomorphs together is an absolute joy on almost exactly the opposite end of the tension spectrum from Isolation, and at 60% off ($11.99 / £10.39), now’s a great time to try it. If you still aren’t sure, you can play Aliens Fireteam Elite for free on Steam until April 24 and see if you want to keep it.

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Look, I know you’re wondering, because I am too – yes, Aliens Colonial Marines is on sale. The much-maligned Gearbox Software shooter, notorious for its messy development and numerous bugs at launch, can be yours for 80% off ($5.99 / £4.99). That includes all the DLC and add-on content, so you can finally discover exactly how it feels for yourself and deliver the conclusive verdict we’ve all been waiting for.

In better news, the rather excellent multiplayer FPS game Aliens vs Predator, from 2010, is also 80% off its already-low asking price, making it just $2.99 / £1.99. You can also pick up a bundle including the Alien Isolation collection, Aliens vs Predator collection, and Aliens Colonial Marines collection for $18.69 / £15.45, if you want to go all-in, or grab the Aliens vs Pinball pack of three tables for Pinball FX3 at a nice 60% discount ($3.99 / £2.79).

You can browse the Alien Day Steam sale here – most of the deals end on April 27, with some running until May 1, so make sure to move fast lest you miss out.

In space, no-one can hear you scream; but your neighbours might just hear you screaming about how much you love the best space games. If that’s all too much excitement for one day, why not wind down with some of the most relaxing games on PC – a list I also recommend browsing after a tense Alien Isolation session.