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Alienware’s Concept UFO looks like a Nintedo Switch - but it’s a handheld gaming PC

Alienware unveils its vision for handheld PC gaming at the 2020 CES

It looks like Dell is moving into the handheld PC space. Hardware subsidiary Alienware has unveiled something pretty surprising at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show – the Concept UFO, a handheld gaming PC that looks strongly influenced by the Nintendo Switch.

From images of the Concept UFO available so far (via Game Informer) it looks like the device’s colour palette is more muted than Nintendo’s colourful console, in a stone-grey colour with soft blue lights behind its logo and sticks. However, in its setup it’s highly reminiscent of the Switch’s, with two controllers that detach from the main body, and sticks set above and below the buttons on the left and right sides respectively. When connected together, though, they look like a UFO, hence the device’s name.

There aren’t many specifics revealed just yet, so it’s not clear what the device’s memory or battery life might be, but we do know that the prototype runs using Windows 10 and has a display screen that’s 1200p. The handheld PC features a kickstand attached to its back which can extend out once the controllers are detached, plus USB-C ports which could be used to support a mouse and keyboard if desired.

It’s worth noting that the Concept UFO is just that at the moment – it’s not up for sale and it’s not clear yet whether Alienware has definite plans to release it in the future. The company explains on Twitter the handheld is “still a concept, so making changes is an option if we take it to market later down the road.” It looks like the company is primarily setting out a vision for where PC gaming could head in the future at this time.

The official unveiling of the Alienware Concept UFO will take place later today (January 7) at the CES in Las Vegas, at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT, so keep an eye out as Alienware will likely have more to share about its specifics then.

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