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Balatro has a surprising new rival in this Steam poker RPG

Combining Balatro's poker stylings with anime girls, witchcraft, RPG mechanics, and a great pitch, All in Abyss is coming to Steam soon.

All in Abyss Steam: an anime girl sticks her tounge out while holding up a hand of playing cards

Wake up babe, a new positively absurd genre mashup just dropped. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. RPG mechanics. Witchcraft. Anime girls. This is All in Abyss: Judge the Fake, and despite the mouthful of a title, it sounds like the perfect card game to fill that recent Balatro-shaped hole in my heart. Engage in one-on-one poker duels with witches and explore a secret district to reclaim your honor. You know, a normal Sunday afternoon.

Set in the secret gambling district of a neo-futuristic city, you play Asuha in the RPG, who’s looking for her next challenge after conquering the likes of mahjong and pachinko. The problem is, All in Abyss: Judge the Fake’s hidden poker neighborhood is also run by witches, and they use their powers to tilt the odds in their favor.

While playing one-on-one Texas Hold ‘Em you can use an array of special skills, abilities, and items to “force rivals into bankruptcy.” But you’ll also want to explore the district between matches as you prepare for the witch bosses, as you’ll find clues to help you defeat them.

All in Abyss is going for the Yu-Gi-Oh! effect, where an entire group of people, if not the world, are obsessed with one specific game to the point that it dominates both economics and culture, without any explanation as to why. I love it. I’m just waiting for Seto Kaiba to show up and declare that Battle City is a go.

All in Abyss also contains my absolute favorite Steam description I’ve ever read, which you need to experience for yourself: “All Witches excel at poker, but with enough preparation, the player can expose the Witches’ fraudulent acts and sink them to the depths of hell with a deadly All-In.”

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All in Abyss is a poker RPG with anime girls that sounds so off-the-wall that I can’t help but be enamored. Everyone is hilariously horrible to Asuha too, with store clerks calling her a “broke girl,” and her own Steam description naming her “a failure of a human being” who is “a middle-aged old man on the inside.”

All in Abyss: Judge the Fake is coming to Steam sometime in 2024, and you can wishlist it right here.

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