All Reich Now: Wolfenstein trailer paints post-war world in bloody reds and nostalgic greys

Let us not forget: Wolfenstein is a silly shooter full of robot dogs and impossible environments. And all the better for it, it seems.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is out now; here’s our Wolfenstein: The New Order review.

The latest Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer doesn’t open where you expect it’s going to, geographically speaking. There’s no gothic castle; no Nazi-filled bullet train. Instead, pop culture turned pulp.

It ends in a more familiar place – but the journey there is just as tense and twisty as that train ride.

Juxtaposition, innit: the rubbing of ‘50s nostalgia up against events so sudden and horrific that the only way through is to laugh, like Deathshead does (pronunciation sadly confirmed here as ‘Death’s Head’, not ‘Death Shed’).

Wolfenstein’s Nazi villains are comedically evil in a fashion that encourages you to laugh along – but that tension is never far behind. It’s a game of one-liners – but those one-liners are among the most considered and quotable you’ll find in an FPS.

Personally, I can’t wait to be swinging back and forth with Berkowitz between the game’s two equally compelling identities. Neither can our Steve, who astutely wrote “Wolfenstein is very good shooting men game” in his Wolfenstein: The New Order preview. How about you lot?