All Star Tower Defense codes June 2023

Take a look at our guide where you can redeem All Star Tower Defense codes to claim free in-game items like Stardust and Gems to help protect your bases.

A faceless Roblox avatar of Super Saiyan God Goku firing a blue beam at a black haired Roblox avatar next to Naruto

June 9, 2023: We checked for new All Star Tower Defense codes to add to our list.

What are the new All Star Tower Defense codes? Developer Top Down Games has struck gold with their smash-hit game, All Star Tower Defense, blending together tower defense gameplay with characters inspired by popular Japanese anime.

The first few missions of the tower defense game may seem easy, but it doesn’t take long before your units start to struggle. That’s where our Roblox guide comes in, giving you the opportunity to claim free Stardust and Gems to unlock powerful units right away in the free PC game. Not only does this guide cover the code redemption process, but we’re also always keeping an eye out for new ASTD codes, so keep this page bookmarked for any updates.

New All Star Tower Defense codes

Here are all the active ASTD codes:

  • rolerewardcode – 250 Stardust, must be level 50.
  • happylatemothersday – 150 Stardust and 2,000 gems, must be level 50+.
  • navyxflamelate200kcodeomg – 100 Stardust and free rewards, must be level 70+.

How do I redeem ASTD codes?

In order to redeem ASTD codes, all you need to do is follow the instructions listed below:

  • Launch All Star Tower Defense from the official Roblox page.
  • Ensure your level is high enough to redeem the codes we have on this page.
  • Once you reach the main menu, press the three dots to enter the settings page.
  • Type the ASTD code into the box and press redeem to claim the code.

The All Star Tower Defense summoning portal featuring a glowing green opening with green symbols along each side

How do I summon using an ASTD banner?

Once you’ve redeemed some ASTD codes, your account should have some Stardust to spend. Remember, you won’t be able to summon units without having some Stardust on your account.

  • Before you head to your next mission, look for the summoning area which features a large statue with green glowing pieces on it.
  • Stand on the glowing green area and a new page should appear detailing the prices of each summon.
  • You have the option to single summon for five Stardust, or multi-summon for 50 Stardust.
  • We highly recommend saving 150 Stardust before you try to summon units in All Star Tower Defense
  • For every three multi-summons you do, ASTD rewards you with a fourth attempt to free.

How do I get more ASTD codes?

The easiest way to get more ASTD codes is to simply wait for the developers to release more. Top Down Games tend to release codes after an update, so while you could follow the official ASTD Discord, it’s easier to wait for us to update this page as we hunt for new codes every day.

That’s everything we have on the All Star Tower Defense codes. If you’re a big Roblox fan, you’re in luck. We also have plenty of Roblox promo codes for the best Roblox games if you’re searching for a competitive edge in a variety of blocky games.