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Alone in the Dark’s skin pack is a perfect tribute to a horror classic

The Deluxe Edition of the new, rebooted Alone in the Dark will let you play the game as the original, comically angular 1992 characters.

Alone in the Dark is the third time the series has been rebooted, but this latest entry hasn’t forgotten its roots. You can get your hands on a skin pack that will turn your characters into their original, angular incarnations. And, as revealed by a recent trailer, it looks amazing.

Whether you remember the original Alone in the Dark or not, we’d never have got the Resident Evil series without 1992’s fixed camera-angle horror game. But the new Alone in the Dark, the series’ third reboot, has a brilliant nod to the original, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Currently set for a delayed March 2024 release, the game features Jodie Comer and David Harbour as Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby respectively. But, with the Derceto 1992 Costume Pack, you can swap their models out for the angular originals.

Publisher THQ’s Nordic’s latest trailer shows this in action, and it’s as amazing as it sounds. Everything else remains the same, other characters, the backgrounds and so on, but your protagonists are their 1992 incarnations.

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It’s hilariously jarring in the trailer, and I absolutely can’t wait to use it in the full game. Sorry, David, as great as you were in Violent Night, it’s pointy-tached Edward all the way. And, as a neat bonus, you can get video filters to complete the effect.

In-game, the other characters likely won’t comment, though I prefer to imagine their minds can’t process it. They’ve witnessed unspeakable horrors, then around the corner comes a horrifyingly low-poly private detective.

The catch is that these skins don’t come with the regular edition of the game, you have to order the deluxe edition. But if you’ve seen the original, even in passing, this is the way to play.

Alone in the Dark releases this March 20, 2024. If, in the meantime, you’re craving another spooky experience, check out the best horror games and the best ghost games.

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