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One of the most exciting new horror games of 2024 just got delayed

Alone in the Dark, which reboots the survival horror classic in the style of the recent Resident Evil games, has just been delayed, again.

Alone in the Dark release date delayed: A woman with blond hair from survival horror game Alone in the Dark

When you think of survival horror, the first name that jumps to mind is almost certainly Resident Evil. Capcom’s puzzle-driven, zombie-killing spookfest definitely put the genre on the map, alongside Silent Hill and Parasite Eve, but traditional horror games as we remember them began life many years earlier, on our own beloved PC. Alone in the Dark, from 1992, may look a little outmoded by today’s standards, but it remains a landmark in gaming history. Naturally, then, we’re extremely keen to play the reboot, starring David Harbour from Stranger Things and Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer. Unfortunately, the Alone in the Dark remake has once again been delayed.

Alone in the Dark was originally set to launch on Wednesday, October 25. Given the autumn and holiday release schedule, which included Starfield, Call of Duty, Cities Skylines 2, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, publisher THQ Nordic opted to move Alone in the Dark back to January 2024. Exchanging the fixed-camera style of the original survival horror game, the remake is an over-the-shoulder puzzler and shooter in the vein of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. While you can play a prologue chapter right now, for free, the full game has once again been delayed.

The Alone in the Dark release date is now set for Wednesday, March 20, 2024. THQ Nordic says the delay will help avoid any “potential crunch” for developer Pieces Interactive during the Holiday season.

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An ambitious remake of a classic game, Alone in the Dark will certainly be worth the wait. And in the meantime, if you’re hungry for horror, Capcom confirms more Resident Evil remakes are on the way, and you can also play a new version of Resident Evil 2 set in the Middle Ages.

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