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AMD hints at AI powered upscaling coming to FSR this year

Nvidia and Intel adopted AI into their spatial upscalers while AMD held out, but strong Radeon RX 7000 sales appear to have changed plans.

AMD FSR to incorporate AI

It won’t come as the biggest surprise to anyone who has watched an AMD presentation on AI, but CTO Mark Papermaster has confirmed that AI is also coming to FSR upscaling, likely this year.

AMD is known for manufacturing some of the best graphics cards available today, but its upscaling and frame generation tech is still a step behind Nvidia’s proprietary DLSS solution, as we’ve seen in games like Starfield.

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Speaking on the No Priors Podcast, AMD STO Mark Papermaster spoke on the wider adoption of AI and the role that GPUs played in this. He acknowledges that “if you look at where AMD was in 2012 through to 2017, all of the revenue was based on PCs, then gaming”. This sparked AMD’s interest in AI in wanting to build a revenue stream from the burgeoning landscape.

After recalling AMD’s relationship with AI up until today, Papermaster then goes on to claim “We are enabling our gaming devices to upscale using AI and 2024 is a really huge deployment year”. While it’s not a specific callout of FSR by name, it’s far more likely to be the candidate for an AI upgrade in place of RSR.

While there is no official announcement yet that FSR upscaling is going to incorporate AI, Papermaster states that AMD has completed the AI-enabling of its entire hardware and software platforms. This should mean that when the time comes, there’s little to no setup required to get it live.

With the demand for the Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs being strong, perhaps the time is right for AMD to look at such AI adoptions, even if it is late to the game versus its green and blue competitors.

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